Roofing Services
Protect your investment with dependable quality roofing Juan Valades Services

Roof Repairs
Metal     Roofing/Copper

Slate Repairs
Rubber Membrane

Good rain gutters are essential. Gutters can make a substantial difference in protecting eaves, fascia, and siding, and allow you to control and channel water to desired disposal sites.

At Juan Valades Services, we pride ourselves in the customer service that we provide during and after the completion of the project.
Window Cleaning
When the chore of cleaning your windows and glass comes around, Juan Valades Services can take care of the hassle  for you!

Juan Valades Services is your solution for sparkling windows.
Power Washing
Restore your home's natural beauty with power washing

We can help you restore the natural beauty of your home's siding, roof, deck or patio.





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